Meet the people behind the scene

S. Bappoo

Head of Faculty


Physics and Science Teacher

C. Bappoo

Biology and Science Teacher

D. Gibbs-Smith

Biology and Science Teacher

J. Millar

Biology and Science Teacher

D. Reid

Chemistry and Science Teacher

G. Watson

Chemistry and Science Teacher

B. Reid

Physics and Science Teacher


Learn more about us and how can we help you:

The Science Faculty at Banff Academy offers an integrated S1 and S2 BGE course with Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics.  Over the course of S1-2 pupils work through CfE levels 3 order to develop the skills necessary to move on to National level courses.

At the end of S2 pupils choose which subject(s) they wish to continue with into S3: Biology, Chemistry, Physics.  In S3 Pupils undertake courses at Level 4 or units(s) at National 4/5. This is to best prepare for National Qualifications in S4.

We currently offer the following National courses:

National 4/5 : Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

National 5 : Engineering Science.

Higher : Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering Science.

Advanced Higher : Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

Wider Achievement : Electronics.

Faculty Curricular Opportunities:

"Rocky Shore" trip (Biology).

Trip to Highland Wildlife Centre (Biology)

Talks and visits from visitors including Scientists and Engineers.

University Practical Days for Advanced Higher pupils.

Faculty Extra-Curricular Opportunities:

Supported Study is offered by each department throughout the week. If you are unable to attend one of our sessions please speak to your Science Teacher to see if we can organise another time that is suitable.

Staff in the faculty lead and co-ordinate The Duke of Edinburgh Award.

mateROV Competition.