Meet the people behind the scene

S. McQuaker

Head of Faculty

Expressive Arts

Principal Teacher of Drama Therapy

L. Cherry-Grant

Head of Faculty (Acting)

Expressive Arts

Drama Teacher

A. Lillie

Art and Design Teacher

A. Buchan

Music Teacher

A. McRae

Music Teacher


Learn more about us and how can we help you:

The Expressive Arts Faculty consists of Art, Dance, Drama, and Music.  In S1-2 pupils attend Art and Music on rotation and receive 1 double period per week of Drama. In S3 pupils can choose which subject within this curricular area they would like to study.

We offer the following National courses:

National 4/5: Art and Design, Dance, Drama, Music

Higher: Art and Design, Music

Advanced Higher: Art and Design, and Music

NPA: Musical Theatre (L6)