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A. Gorham

Head of Faculty


I. MacCall

English Teacher

R. Herd

English Teacher

A. Morrice

English Teacher


D. Phu

English Teacher

C. Saunders

English Teacher

A. Thompson

English Teacher



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The English department at Banff Academy is passionate about building skills that young people need to thrive in life after school and in instilling a life-long appreciation for literature.

In S1 to S3 pupils will study a range of novels, short stories, poems and plays, and will learn how to analyse and evaluate these texts in detail. Pupils will develop skills in writing critical essays and will be given the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities their imagination can offer through creative writing. They will also learn how to successfully answer Reading for Analysis, Understanding and Evaluation (RUAE) papers and improve on their communication skills by engaging in solo talks and group discussions.

In the senior phase, our department currently offers the following courses:

National 4 English

National 5 English

Higher English

The skills that the pupils develop over their first three years at Banff Academy prepare them for the rigour and demands of the National courses. They will once again study a variety of poems, prose and drama texts and will be tasked with completing RUAE papers and creating their own written folio. The standard expected is much higher and we are enthusiastic about helping pupils reach their full potential. Revision sessions are offered throughout the year to support pupil development and our department are more than happy to find time to accommodate any pupil who may be unable to attend those sessions.


‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.’ – Joseph Addison